Cristina Rodriguez


Cristina Rodriguez


Cristina Rodriguez's paintings can be purchased at Singulart.

Katie Pertwee

Katie Pertwee has built a strong reputation over the years for working with established, recognised and up-and-coming international artists. The Billiard Room Gallery was formed in 2007, created and curated by Katie. It plays host to an everchanging selection of work.

Cristina Rodriguez's paintings can be purchased at Katie Pertwee.

Bridgeman Images

Founded in 1972, the Bridgeman Art Library works with museums, art galleries and artists to make the best art available for reproduction. Now it's also offering comprehensive information on their artists and catalogues, allowing for full social media and sharing activity.

Cristina Rodriguez's images can be licensed at Bridgeman Images.


Zazzle is an American online marketplace that allows designers and customers to create their own products with independent manufacturers, as well as use images from participating companies.

Zazzle has a selection of Cristina Rodriguez's images licensed at Bridgeman Images.


Great Big Canvas

Great Big Canvas is an American company specialized in creating high quality canvas wraps, framed art prints, posters and more in a broad range of shapes and sizes.

Great Big Canvas has a selection of Cristina Rodriguez’s images licensed at Bridgeman Images.


Rowe is a British company specialized in high quality art prints in limited editions.

Cristina Rodriguez's painting The Sheep has been licensed at Bridgeman Images for a limited edition of 100 runs.

The Public Catalogue Foundation

The Public Catalogue Foundation, whose patron is HRH The Duchess of Cornwall, is cataloguing and recording the entire National Collection of oil paintings in public ownership in the United Kingdom.

This painting by Cristina Rodriguez, owned by the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, are reproduced on the Foundation’s website under “Your Paintings” and also in the important series of catalogues entitled “Oil Paintings in Public Ownership”.

The Public Catalogue Foundation is a registered charity:
The Public Catalogue Foundation, 33 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 7JS

Paintings in Hospitals

Paintings in Hospitals Loan Collection have been created to provide comfort and relief, helping patients, visitors and staff to interact and better cope with their environment. 

Cristina Rodriguez donated the painting "At Last I Met Princess Anne" as she is a great believer in the power of healing through beauty and is very fond of the amazing work done by everybody at Paintings in Hospitals.

Paintings in Hospitals is a Registered Charity (No.1065963) and a Company Limited by Guarantee. Registered in England and Wales (No.3450832)

Paintings in Hospitals
Floor One
51 Southwark Street
London SE1 1RU
Tel: 02074073222

  • © Cristina Rodriguez

    Title: At last I met Princess Anne

    Date: 1997

    Medium: Oil on linen

    Size: 111 x 152 cm

    Public collection: Paintings for Hospitals

Michael Harding Oil Colours

Cristina Rodriguez met Michael Harding in 1999.

She was having a lot of technical problems with the brand of oil colours she was using at the time.

Michael Harding came to Cristina Rodriguez's studio, gave her invaluable advice and explained how he prepares his colours.

Since then, the only oil colours that Cristina Rodriguez uses are Michael Harding's.

Michael Harding's oil colours are excellent and have been since 1999, an incredible ally in Cristina Rodriguez's process as a painter.

Atlantis Art Materials

Atlantis are Cristina Rodriguez's sole providers of canvases and oils.

Shooting Art

The photographs of Cristina Rodriguez's paintings created in London were taken by Angelo Plantamura.

Antonio Homem Cardosoónio_Homem_Cardoso

The photographs of Cristina Rodriguez's paintings created in São João do Estoril and Estoril were taken by Antonio Homem Cardoso.


The photographs of Cristina Rodriguez’s paintings created in Pico Island are taken by Mauro Santos Pereira.

Mauro Santos Pereira and Daniela Ferreira have helped Cristina Rodriguez to create her placemats and recyclable bags.

Mauro Santos Pereira has helped to create and has printed Cristina Rodriguez’s postcards and calendars. He also found the Portuguese companies that produce her placemats and her recyclable bags.

Comunicar Atitude

The beautiful videos about Cristina Rodriguez’s studio and her paintings have been created by Sandra Cristina Sousa and her wonderful team, Flávio Tufino and Carla Lima.

Dr. Ariane Galy

When the time came to update Cristina Rodriguez's biography, the only person she knew to be capable of taking on such a huge task was Dr. Ariane Galy.

​"Dr. Galy has done the most amazing work. She is an incredible professional, so intelligent, so cultivated, so patient, with so much human empathy".

​Cristina Rodriguez was utterly delighted with, and utterly grateful for, the work Dr. Ariane Galy did. Cristina Rodriguez also asked her to write small essays about the paintings that have touched her heart and she has written beautiful pieces, full of poetry and warmth. Cristina Rodriguez's respect and admiration for Dr. Ariane Galy keeps growing daily.


Vsourz manages Cristina Rodriguez´s website since 2010.

​During four years, Laia Font catalogued and cleaned more than 700 images of Cristina Rodriguez´s paintings from the years between 1986 and 2022. Many of these images are, at long last, saved at Bridgeman Images. Without Laia Font, this ungrateful, boring, long, tiring and hugely important task would have never happened.

Since 2018, Laia Font has done Cristina Rodriguez´s designs for Social Media. She created this website in 2022. Laia Font is an excellent professional, disciplined and focused. She has allowed Cristina Rodriguez´s spirit to permeate all the designs, which is highly unusual and very generous. Cristina Rodriguez is immensely grateful to Laia Font for her professionality, her patience, her kindness, her empathy, her humanity.


With profound gratitude to Yannick, to Lucas, to my parents, to José María. I love them passionately, and I will love them eternally.

Cristina Rodriguez, 2023

Cristina Rodriguez's studio in Geneva, 2013