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I have been painting since 1986 and have created more than 530 paintings.                                                     
Each painting has been born for a reason. Each one has a philosophical meaning. My work is a reaction to how I see the world. I strongly believe that if each of us is positive and benevolent we all may be able to make this world a viable reality for each being that shares it. has a selection of images from different periods of my work which can be purchased as prints. 

I am delighted to be able to reach people in this way.

The paintings are in a different league. Each one has an extraordinary energy and its value increases as it is impossible to capture in a print the physical sensation of their texture, their colour and their vibrancy. But everybody can own a beautiful print with the image of the painting that they choose, and they too can have the joy of looking at a beautiful and harmonious image that will somehow help them to smile and see the positive side of life.

I have been asked several times to copy a painting or to do a painting "in the manner of". I have always refused, as it is for me a terrible waste of time; a time that should always be devoted to purely creative painting. is the perfect solution for me because it allows people to own prints of paintings that are unique, and it allows me to let the new ideas flow freely and to concentrate fully on the sacred act of painting.

Cristina Rodriguez
, Geneva 2012

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Bridgeman Art on Demand features over 100,000 fine art images ranging from the old masters to modern contemporary artists. Every image is available for custom ordering according to your size, media and framing preferences, and is delivered directly to your door. Click on the link above to buy prints of Cristina Rodriguez's work.

Bridgeman Studio

Founded in 1972, the Bridgeman Art Library works with museums, art galleries and artists to make the best art available for reproduction. Now it's also offering comprehensive information on their artists and catalogues, allowing for full social media and sharing activity. Click on the link to visit Cristina's profile.

Zazzle has created a whole set of products from some of my images. This is so exciting as most of my paintings are living in different homes all over the world and by creating postcards, mugs, bags, cushions from some of my images, people that love my images will have access to them!
Katie Pertwee has built a strong reputation over the years for working with established, recognised and up-and-coming international artists. The Billiard Room Gallery was formed in 2007, created and curated by Katie. It plays host to an ever-changing selection of work.
Contemporary Art Holdings Ltd. specialises in providing artwork for offices, hotels and commercial spaces. Working with both established and emerging artists, Contemporary Art Holdings Ltd. can recommend innovative, tailor-made solutions to transform any working environment.
Deimos Gallery are the representatives of Cristina Rodriguez's artwork in Colombia. Their gallery in Bogotá will host an individual exhibition of some of Cristina Rodriguez's paintings by the end of February, 2014.,uk
The Public Catalogue Foundation, whose Patron is HRH The Duchess of Cornwall, is cataloguing and recording the entire National Collection of oil paintings in public ownership in the United Kingdom.

The paintings by Cristina Rodriguez, owned by the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, are reproduced on the Foundation’s website under “Your Paintings” and also in the important series of catalogues entitled “Oil Paintings in Public Ownership”.

The Public Catalogue Foundation is a registered charity:
The Public Catalogue Foundation, 33 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 7JS


Telephone: 020 7395 0330020 7395 0330

© Cristina Rodriguez

Title: Le Chat et Le Poisson

Date: 1998

Medium: Oil on linen

Size: 112 x 96 cm

Exhibition: La Fête sous la Pyramide, 1999

Public collection: The Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

Ref: CR263
© Cristina Rodriguez

Title: Le Lion et L'Agneau

Date: 1998

Medium: Oil on linen

Size: 112 x 96 cm

Exhibition: La Fête sous la Pyramide, 1999

Public collection: The Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

Ref: CR264
© Cristina Rodriguez

Title: Le Pique-Nique

Date: 1998

Medium: Oil on linen

Size: 122 x 213 cm

Exhibition: La Fête sous la Pyramide, 1999

Public collection: The Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

Ref: CR276
The Paintings in Hospitals Loan Collection has been created to provide comfort and relief, helping patients, visitors and staff to interact and better cope with their environment.

Cristina Rodriguez donated the painting "At Last I Met Princess Anne" as she is a great believer in the power of healing through beauty and is very fond of the amazing work done by everybody at Paintings in Hospitals.

Paintings in Hospitals is a Registered Charity (No.1065963) and a Company Limited by Guarantee. Registered in England and Wales (No.3450832)

Paintings in Hospitals
Floor One
51 Southwark Street
London SE1 1RU
Tel: 02074073222


© Cristina Rodriguez

Title: At Last I Met Princess Anne

Date: 1997

Medium: Oil on linen

Size: 111 x 152 cm

Public collection: Paintings for Hospitals

Ref: CR194

Michael Harding Oil Colours
Cristina Rodriguez met Michael Harding in 1999.
She was having a lot of technical problems with the brand of oil colours she was using at that time.
He, very kindly, came to her studio and give her wonderful advice and explain how he prepares his colours.
Since then, the only oil colours that Cristina Rodriguez uses are Michael Harding's.
They are excellent and have been a huge ally in Cristina's dealings with the art of paint...

Atlantis Art Materials
Atlantis are Cristina Rodriguez's sole providers of canvases and oils.

The photographs of Cristina Rodriguez's paintings created in London are taken by Angelo Plantamura.

The photographs of Cristina Rodriguez's paintings created in Geneva are taken by Robert Koppanyi.

The photographs of Cristina Rodriguez's praintings created in Portugal are taken by Antonio Homem Cardoso.

Acknowledgements :

Cristina Rodriguez would like to thank
Yannick, for making this website possible;
Lucas, for all his advice and his trust;
Catherine, for proofreading with an expert, persevering and dilligent eye;
Roser, Dalmita and Anna from Vsourz for their creativity, patience and professionality.

This website is a reality because of them.

Cristina Rodriguez's studio in Geneva, 2013