Cristina Rodriguez

Cité du Temps
Cristina Rodriguez´s exhibition "Promenades Enchantées à Genève " was highlighted in Cité du Temps anual report 2016.

((Swatch Group Annual Report 2016))

The Cité du Temps hosted 20 exhibitions and over 75 events in 2016.

Brand showcase
Swatch Group brands feel very at home in the unique Geneva location. They continued to use it as a successful platform for sharing proud highlights with a receptive public. Breguet presented an impressive hall of fame in an exhibition about famous owners of its timepieces, from Marie-Antoinette to Sir Winston Churchill. Harry Winston told the brilliant story of its development from 1932 to today, narrated by a breathtaking selection of watches and jewellery. The summer months brought a special exhibition by Tissot, “The pinnacle of precision”, with precision time and precision timekeeping in the spotlight.

Inclusivity rules
The open mind of the Cité du Temps welcomed a huge spectrum of art. Photography, collage and installations depicting CERN’s equipment for exploring the secrets of the universe emerged as harmonious neighbours to Béatrice Mazzuri’s pictures focusing on familiarity to balance extremes. While Colombian artist Cristina Rodriguez provided a painted walking tour of Geneva, visitors to "Inside out" by Maud Guye-Vuillème stood on tiptoe to enjoy scented photographs. The Pop Art of Pierre Jeunet and Olga Sokolova enabled the likes of David Bowie and Che Guevara to endorse the venue’s commitment to inclusivity. And Erik Janssen’s refreshing street photography sealed many visits with a smile.

Art without frontiers
The topic of building bridges between different cultures, mindsets and times left a clear footprint. Vanessa Renoux offered a visual exploration of New York at different times of the day and year. “Instant Karma” by Claude Bakta Sandjivy shared the artist’s fascination with borders, such as those between yin and yang and the figurative and abstract. The imagined took centre-stage as Deyrmon showed his visions of dreams and Annick Zimmermann reminded that “A picture is complete when it has given the imagination sufficient means to find or prolong a story.” To be continued!

Cristina Rodriguez's studio in Geneva, 2013